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Windows .NET Framework RAT - The most powerful Open source RAT
GNU General Public License v3.0
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Open Jirka5091 opened 5 months ago

Jirka5091 commented 5 months ago

Hello, your project looks really interesting, however I don't have much experience with c#. If possible can you direct me how to set it up for myself, thanks a lot.

DanielSparta commented 5 months ago

This project Is not done, There are a lot more features that I want to add. However, If you still want to try this project, Feel free.

All you need to do is to change the ipaddress from the Client Socket class to your own, then compile it to exe file. https://github.com/DanielSparta/2024-RAT-projet/blob/6dea90d4629851df6847ac0705b5f10ba88e503c/Client/RATclientSparta/Socket/SocketServer.cs#L41

just, please dont put the project on sites like Virus total, this will destroy all the anti virus bypassing.