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Windows .NET Framework RAT - The most powerful Open source RAT
GNU General Public License v3.0
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Ultimate SpartaRAT C# Project


This RAT project made for fun, I work on updates often. I started with this project because I had so many ideas, with code I can be creative. This project is still under work, I will add alot more features. I update this project very often.

I will greatly appreciate all those who could invest their time in PR (Pull Request) or CR (Code Review) my project.

This project is created for educational purposes only and does not support any illegal activity

Why SpartaRAT is better than the others?

Desktop C&C Server




Alot More Features Soon I would really appreciate any CR or ideas

To run the program from virtual machine or from Visual studio, remove this function call image

ESP32-Cam Requirements

Then, Compile.

Fun fact


Legacy version

Legacy version of SpartaRAT (https://github.com/DanielSparta/RAT-Project-2022) - Created in 2022.