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Start your containers on demand, shut them down automatically when there's no activity. Docker, Docker Swarm Mode and Kubernetes compatible.
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`[Kubernetes]` Helm Chart ? #271

Open DrummyFloyd opened 3 months ago

DrummyFloyd commented 3 months ago

Describe the provider Dunno where i should make this PR the idea, is to make the deployement easier on Kuberneetes => btw it's not very user friendly =/ had to dig a bit into PRs/Docs and readme to make it works

but once i got all needed info, everything work like charm

So the ticket it's related to this => do you want a Helm chart for sablier with few test ? (helm unittest)

if yes=> do you have some api Healthcheck for readyness/liveness probe (do not look yet into the code for that )

Merci pour ton Boulot, => de la part d'une startup de Sophia ;)

chkpwd commented 3 months ago

What proxy are you using on your k8s cluster? I see nginx is still not supported.

DrummyFloyd commented 3 months ago

@chkpwd i use traefik for the moment

i've started the nginx part on K8S, i'm almost sure , that nginx is working, just need to find how the snippet need to be set this as annotations annotations