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Request for Helm Chart for FileSender Deployment #1944

Open siddjellali opened 3 weeks ago

siddjellali commented 3 weeks ago

Hello team,

I am writing to request the creation and availability of a Helm Chart for deploying FileSender on Kubernetes. A Helm Chart would greatly simplify the deployment and management of FileSender in a Kubernetes environment, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Here are some specific reasons why a Helm Chart would be beneficial:


WebSpider commented 3 weeks ago

We would first need to take a decision on whether we want to support a container image.

madsi1m commented 2 weeks ago

I've seen an all on one container as well as several containers serving FileSender. It gets more complex when you make its components clustered and HA.

WebSpider commented 2 weeks ago

I have made several deployments, from simple all-in-one to distributed autoscaling, and it all works. Each type of deployment has its on gotcha's, usually related to getting it to perform, or being nice to the underlying storage.

madsi1m commented 2 weeks ago

what kind of upload speeds have you seen on performant deploys?