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Developer-friendly incident response with brilliant Slack integration
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Grafana OnCall

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Developer-friendly incident response with brilliant Slack integration.

Getting Started

We prepared multiple environments:

  1. Download docker-compose.yml:

    curl -fsSL -o docker-compose.yml
  2. Set variables:

    echo "DOMAIN=http://localhost:8080
    # Remove 'with_grafana' below if you want to use existing grafana
    # Add 'with_prometheus' below to optionally enable a local prometheus for oncall metrics
    # e.g. COMPOSE_PROFILES=with_grafana,with_prometheus
    # to setup an auth token for prometheus exporter metrics:
    # PROMETHEUS_EXPORTER_SECRET=my_random_prometheus_secret
    # also, make sure to enable the /metrics endpoint:
    SECRET_KEY=my_random_secret_must_be_more_than_32_characters_long" > .env
  3. (Optional) If you want to enable/setup the prometheus metrics exporter (besides the changes above), create a prometheus.yml file (replacing my_random_prometheus_secret accordingly), next to your docker-compose.yml:

    echo "global:
     scrape_interval:     15s
     evaluation_interval: 15s
     - job_name: prometheus
       metrics_path: /metrics/
         credentials: my_random_prometheus_secret
         - targets: [\"host.docker.internal:8080\"]" > prometheus.yml

    NOTE: you will need to setup a Prometheus datasource using http://prometheus:9090 as the URL in the Grafana UI.

  4. Launch services:

    docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d
  5. Go to OnCall Plugin Configuration, using log in credentials as defined above: admin/admin (or find OnCall plugin in configuration->plugins) and connect OnCall plugin with OnCall backend:

    OnCall backend URL: http://engine:8080
  6. Enjoy! Check our OSS docs if you want to set up Slack, Telegram, Twilio or SMS/calls through Grafana Cloud.

Update version

To update your Grafana OnCall hobby environment:

# Update Docker image
docker-compose pull engine

# Re-deploy
docker-compose up -d

After updating the engine, you'll also need to click the "Update" button on the plugin version page. See Grafana docs for more info on updating Grafana plugins.

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