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Helm is a tool for managing Charts. Charts are packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources.

Use Helm to:

Helm in a Handbasket

Helm is a tool that streamlines installing and managing Kubernetes applications. Think of it like apt/yum/homebrew for Kubernetes.


Binary downloads of the Helm client can be found on the Releases page.

Unpack the helm binary and add it to your PATH and you are good to go!

If you want to use a package manager:

To rapidly get Helm up and running, start with the Quick Start Guide.

See the installation guide for more options, including installing pre-releases.


Get started with the Quick Start guide or plunge into the complete documentation


The Helm roadmap uses GitHub milestones to track the progress of the project.

Community, discussion, contribution, and support

You can reach the Helm community and developers via the following channels:


If you're interested in contributing, please refer to the Contributing Guide before submitting a pull request.

Code of conduct

Participation in the Helm community is governed by the Code of Conduct.