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Government compliancy #7024

Open Ordinary-Guy opened 2 months ago

Ordinary-Guy commented 2 months ago

Currently in Australia there is a big move for Churchs with their volunteers to have correct government clearances to allow people to work around children or vulnerable people. The predominant one here is a Working With Children Check or WWCC, part of this is the the number needs to be run through a database with the residing state or territory then this date of clearance needs to be recorded within the organisation.

I would like to know if there is as part of ChurchCRM's volunteer management goals an option to have clearances listed on staff/member pages for quick and easy access that could have a section like:

Currently these are being managed in excel spreadsheets or paper ledgers and make it hard to have a consistant uptoday register accross the community.

Thanks, Ordinary-Guy

MrClever commented 2 months ago

I love this. Our church is currently agitating to migrate from ChurchCRM to “something else” purely for this feature alone. In Australia this is a hot-button issue for a lot of churches.

I might add one additional field: “Expiration date” (date picker) as not all WWCC have the same duration. My professional one lasts longer than a volunteer and knowing when someone’s WWCC is going to expire is almost as important as knowing they have one in the first place.

It would be awesome if we could add an automated report (email etc) of WWCC expiration in any arbitrary period. So a report every “X” days for WWCC expirining in the next “Y” days/weeks/months etc.

MrClever commented 2 months ago

Maybe this should be developed in parallel with #1201

respencer commented 2 months ago

Does said government compliance require a change history log of any data changes made?

Ordinary-Guy commented 2 months ago

Hello, no. The only requirement is that the numbers are verified through the corresponding state portal, the date of verification recorded, and the volunteer's DOB with the WWCC number. The format of the numbers is along the lines of WWCxxxxxx(V-volunteer or E-employment). This is every five years.

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