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JPEG Quality Bypassed if Textures Already in JPEG #2224

Closed FabioOrsi closed 6 days ago

FabioOrsi commented 1 month ago

Changing the settings for JPEG Quality makes no difference in the output GLB if all textures are already in JPEG. Apparently, the quality settings are bypassed if the textures are in JPEG.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Setup a model with all textures in JPEG.
  2. Export it using JPEG compression at different quality levels.
  3. Check file size for each.

It would be expected to get different file sizes, but they're all the same.

julienduroure commented 1 month ago

Hello, Can you please provide a test .blend file? Behavior depends on channel merging that can be performed or not - depending on your node setup

julienduroure commented 6 days ago

More than a month without any answer, closing this ticket. Feel free to comment and provide the .blend file if you want me to have a look