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A Lethal Company mod
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Client-Side #1

Open LifelikeRylie opened 1 month ago

LifelikeRylie commented 1 month ago

Please make a client-side version of this mod, I find it odd that it needs everyone when the mod it's for doesn't (More Emotes). Bruh

Kondakov02 commented 1 month ago

I'll see what I can do! Client-side was my initial plan, but I had to drop that idea midway through

Kondakov02 commented 1 month ago

I made my mod client-side, but it does not work on it's own anymore lol. Only works with More Emotes installed alongside. Don't want to include that mod as the required dependency yet, I'll see if I can make my mod work on it's own. The current public version is still required by all.