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Wrong Azure Government URLs #123336

Closed webcsm closed 3 weeks ago

webcsm commented 1 month ago

Can you review the endpoints in this page?

For example, for storage, Azure Government URLs should have suffixes.

Also, auth endpoint should be

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SadiqhAhmed-MSFT commented 1 month ago

@webcsm Thank you for your feedback. We will review this request with the content team and take appropriate action.

@piyushdhore-microsoft FYA!

v-sreedevank commented 3 weeks ago

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v-sreedevank commented 3 weeks ago

@aykarekar, Please look into this issue.

v-sreedevank commented 3 weeks ago

reassign: @aykarekar

v-sreedevank commented 3 weeks ago

Thanks for your dedication to our documentation. Unfortunately, at this time we have been unable to review your issue in a timely manner and we sincerely apologize for the delayed response. The requested updates have not been made since the creation of this issue, and the timeline for resolution may vary based on resourcing, so we've created an internal work item to incorporate your suggestions. We are closing this issue for now, but feel free to comment here as necessary.