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Integrate hints preferences option in the vscode extension #7082

Closed Achal1607 closed 5 days ago

Achal1607 commented 2 months ago

I had earlier raised a PR for Computing hints based on custom preferences https://github.com/apache/netbeans/pull/6760, but forgot to push the changes to integrate it with vscode extension. So, here is the patch for that.

Achal1607 commented 1 month ago

@mbien Can someone please review this PR? It is a small change so it should be quick IMO

mbien commented 1 month ago

@Achal1607 I don't know much about LSP, but I pinged some who do

ebarboni commented 1 week ago

@Achal1607 would it be possible to fix the conflict ? Sorry for delay

Achal1607 commented 1 week ago

@ebarboni resolved merge conflicts

Achal1607 commented 6 days ago

I haven't done any change related to PHP, so I am not sure why it's tests are failing. So, can someone trigger again that test pls?

Achal1607 commented 6 days ago

Tests failure error:

Downloading single artifact
Error: Unable to download artifact(s): Artifact not found for name: build
        Please ensure that your artifact is not expired and the artifact was uploaded using a compatible version of toolkit/upload-artifact.
        For more information, visit the GitHub Artifacts FAQ: https://github.com/actions/toolkit/blob/main/packages/artifact/docs/faq.md
mbien commented 6 days ago

@sdedic @dbalek please don't forget to merge once reviewed and when it fits the timeline since @Achal1607 doesn't have commit rights.

Other recent incidents showed that leaving PRs open post-review for a long time can cause issues post merge, esp when the tests haven't run for months (which isn't the case here but lets not forget about reviewed PRs).