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Hamcrest Library Unexpected Exception #7083

Open QG02 opened 2 months ago

QG02 commented 2 months ago

Apache NetBeans version

Apache NetBeans 20

What happened

Evey project I create has been throwing an error that Hamcrest libraries are missing, even though they are in the project library collection. "A java.lang.IllegalArgumentException has occurred."

Language / Project Type / NetBeans Component

Java Ant Application

How to reproduce

There is nothing to reproduce the error, the whole library is not being read by the IDE.

Did this work correctly in an earlier version?

No / Don't know

Operating System



JDK 21

Apache NetBeans packaging

Apache NetBeans provided installer

Anything else

No response

Are you willing to submit a pull request?


matthiasblaesing commented 2 months ago

Please find the message.log (see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50462124/netbeans-where-to-find-the-ide-log) and attach it here. Your answer to "How to reproduce" is extremely unhelpful, the meaning of that question is: What does another developer need to do, to see the problem, starting with a clean NetBeans installation.

You can run NetBeans with a temporary empty userdir by invoking it as path_to_netbeans/bin/netbeans64.exe --userdir c:/temp/test. That way you can rule out misconfiguration of your IDE.