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Made HCL AST on records #7097

Closed lkishalmi closed 1 month ago

lkishalmi commented 1 month ago


I've been waiting for this. I think this is an improvement comparing to the previous version at least for reading. The implementation is more safe.

Performance vise it might be worse than before, though I have no tests to prove that.

Anyway, tests are passing.

Now I'm waiting for Java 21 and it's record patterns.

lkishalmi commented 1 month ago

@matthiasblaesing could you share your opinions? I've always valued your wisdom. This Java 17 and records a bit new to me, so I'm eager to see other opinions as well.

mbien commented 1 month ago

this is causing graal tests to fail since they run on EOL JDK 11 graalvm, but I think i found a way to temp fix this without revert. Testing it locally atm.