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Netbeans 21 IDE hides file extension in the Projects explorer #7110

Open homberghp opened 1 month ago

homberghp commented 1 month ago

Apache NetBeans version

Apache NetBeans 21

What happened

When opening the projects of files view pane, the extension of java files is hidden. It is done inconsistently, as some files do have the extension and others do not. see the screenshot below of the projects explorer.


Language / Project Type / NetBeans Component

Netbeans Projects explorer

How to reproduce

Unsure, after a restart of the IDE, the problem is gone.

Did this work correctly in an earlier version?

No / Don't know

Operating System

Linux Ubuntu 22.04 LTS


openjdk version "21.0.1" 2023-10-17 LTS

Apache NetBeans packaging

Apache NetBeans binary zip

Anything else


Are you willing to submit a pull request?