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Removed never-built org.openidex.util module. #7118

Closed lkishalmi closed 1 month ago

lkishalmi commented 1 month ago

It seems the org.openidex.util module is in the source code, however it is only used to provide some search support for javahelp generation in the ide/utilities.project.

That one might worth an axe too, however it seems the shortcuts pdf sources are there...

matthiasblaesing commented 1 month ago

Where does the idea come from, that the module is not build? It is part of the ide cluster and I see it in the final source. Removing the module might affect plugins. Is there a pressing reason to remove it?

There are references in enterprise/web.project, java/java.hints, a javadoc reference in ide/projectapi, replacements for the token in nbbuild/javadoctools, references in the uniitests of platform/lib.uihandler and platform/o.n.bootstrap.

That is basicly the result from a grep -r org.openidex.util *

lkishalmi commented 1 month ago

I have to wear the shameful crown of The King of Typo for a year, while searching the codebase for openindex, after just checked for the code-name-base in project.xml-s