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Government resource model - Map #590

Open emjohnst opened 9 months ago

emjohnst commented 9 months ago

Mapbox should have same settings as historic site resource model mapbox when about to edit such as:

bferguso commented 6 months ago

For #2 above - there is currently no way to configure which layers are visible on each of the edit maps. So we can either:

  1. Display the municipal boundaries by default everywhere, including on the search page or
  2. Not show them for now on the edit page and address this at a later date.

If option 2 is selected, please create a separate ticket for this in the New swimlane and we can address it sometime after MVP.

bferguso commented 6 months ago

For item 3 above - are you looking to select from the cadastral later to create those geometries? Or are you looking to be able to select from the municipal / regional boundaries as well?

emjohnst commented 6 months ago

@bferguso just the municipal /regional boundaries for this resource model. Okay not proceeding with 2.

bferguso commented 6 months ago

Can we leave this as a non-mvp ticket then? Do you need to add these boundaries immediately?

emjohnst commented 6 months ago

@bferguso yes it doesn't have mvp label. it could be moved to post mvp swim lane. I'll remove it from epic as well.