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Cannot access legacy Javac API #11

Open stefan-reich opened 2 years ago

stefan-reich commented 2 years ago

Output of mvn generate-sources:

[ERROR] : Fatal error - cannot access legacy Javac API: Unable to make field public accessible: module jdk.compiler does not "exports" to unnamed module @c6634d

JDK 16 on Linux

I have to pass some add-opens options to the VM, right?

mbelt commented 2 years ago

Or downgrade to JDK 11.

kohlschuetter commented 8 months ago

Try this

MAVEN_OPTS="--add-opens=jdk.compiler/ \
--add-opens=jdk.compiler/ \
--add-opens=jdk.compiler/ \
--add-opens=jdk.compiler/" \
mvn clean install -DskipSigning