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Missing components #19

Open mohdrais opened 1 year ago

mohdrais commented 1 year ago

How to overcome the missing components as shpwn in the Pico-Developer Command Pr ScreenshotPico ompt

ndabas commented 1 year ago

This should really not happen after a successful install -- are all of the tools present and installed into C:\Program Files\Raspberry Pi\Pico SDK v1.5.0? You should have folders like cmake, python, gcc-arm-none-eabi, and so on for all of the tools.

Additionally, I see the screenshot is from Windows Terminal, does starting the Pico - Developer Command Prompt from the Start menu work?

mohdrais commented 1 year ago

Yes, all the folders mentioned (eg cmake, python etc) are installed. Pico-Developer Command Prompt does work as shown in the picture previously ScreenshotB but Pico- DeveloperShell does not work