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restlet maven repository rejected by maven 3.8.1 #1384

Open marinier opened 3 years ago

marinier commented 3 years ago

Maven projects that depend on restlet fail using maven 3.8.1 (or later) with an error like this (note the jsoar references are just from my project):

Error:  Failed to execute goal on project jsoar-legilimens: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.soartech:jsoar-legilimens:jar:4.0.4-SNAPSHOT: Failed to collect dependencies at org.restlet.jse:org.restlet:jar:2.4.2: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.restlet.jse:org.restlet:jar:2.4.2: Could not transfer artifact org.restlet.jse:org.restlet:pom:2.4.2 from/to maven-default-http-blocker ( Blocked mirror for repositories: [maven-restlet (, default, releases+snapshots)] -> [Help 1]

The issue appears to be that as of maven 3.8.1, maven no longer allows http addresses for repositories. The restlet maven parent pom has many http addresses baked in, including the one the error mentions. Changing these to https (and fixing your expired certificate for should fix the problem.

More info here:

thboileau commented 2 years ago

Hi @marinier thanks for reporting this issue. The certificate has not been fixed yet. could you try with

marinier commented 2 years ago

That URL worked! I included it in my pom like this:

            <name>Public online Restlet repository</name>