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Published maven-metadata.xml delisted 3.1.6 and newer from version list #369

Closed jskillin-idt closed 6 days ago

jskillin-idt commented 1 week ago

Hey all,

It appears that Maven Central's copy of maven-metadata.xml is invalid, which is causing Gradle to fail to build. Gradle's position on this appears to be that the metadata should be correct, and while I could go down the road of writing a "custom version lister" as described to work around the invalid metadata, I figured I'd report the issue here first.

Here's what I see right now:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!-- cut older versions out for brevity -->

I am trying to build with Quarkus, which desires at least v3.1.6:

Ladicek commented 1 week ago

From the GitHub Actions log, it seems the maven-metadata.xml file is generated during the release process by the Nexus Staging Maven Plugin, of which we use the latest version. Clearly the <lastUpdated> date is the date of the last release (3.0.7), so the file was updated. I don't understand why it omits the last few versions in the 3.1.x stream :shrug:

Ladicek commented 6 days ago

I just released Jandex 3.2.0 and the maven-metadata.xml seems to include all the 3.1.x releases again. Alas, it doesn't include the 3.0.6 and 3.0.7 release, but that should be OK I guess.

Closing this, but I have no idea why this happens :shrug:

jskillin-idt commented 6 days ago

Hey Ladicek,

I appreciate you looking into this so quickly. I wondered how maven-metadata.xml even understands the full set of available versions to be able to publish that metadata, but I didn't have the time myself to go too deep, so unfortunately I also am unable to provide any meaningful information myself.