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A minecraft mod about building schematics
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Ever wanted to build large structures, but you lack the creativity and/or determination? Tired of Schematica's half-functional printer mode? Well wait no more, becuase ImhotepMC has you covered! With ImhotepMC, you can now create and build your own schematics, all using simple machines!

ImhotepMC was made as a result of Enginecrafter77's general dissatisfaction with the state of BuildCraft for 1.12.2. It is correct to state that ImhotepMC is heavily inspired by BuildCraft (it can be thought of as essentially a stripped down version of the latter), but also by other mods such as RFTools and so on.

ImhotepMC is named after an ancient egyptian builder Imhotep who's thought to have built the pyramid of Djoser. The reason I chose that name is that this was the only thing circulating in my mind when I thought about the word "build".


*1: Blueprint translation is performed automatically when loading a schematic from later version. Not all blocks from later versions have equivalents in 1.12.2. Therefore, blueprint translation is generally a lossy process (i.e. information is lost). This should be taken into account when using schematic from later versions.


Either grab a precompiled binary from curseforge, or compile it yourself.

./gradlew setupCIWorkspace build

Your mod is under ./build/libs/ImhotepMC-*.jar

Getting started

First, download your schematic, and place it under .minecraft/schematics. Now, place a block called Blueprint Library. Craft one blueprint item by combining a piece of paper and lapis dye. Open up the blueprint library, and place the blueprint into the top right slot. Then, select the schematic in the listing, and click the open icon. The blueprint will now appear written. Now, place a Builder in such a way that you would be standing in the structure's bottom front right corner. Right-click the builder holding the blueprint. The builder will render the outline of the build area. Right-click the builder with an empty hand, and the red light should flip to a green light, indicating that the projection is active. Now you should see the projection of the structure. Right click it with an empty hand again to turn off the projection. The builder expects the materials in a chest on top of it. Every time it needs some block, it displays it on the front display and also on a floating label 2 blocks above the builder. Supply the builder with some power, give it the blocks it needs in the chest atop it, and you should see the blocks appearing!

Bug reports

If you think you found a bug, don't hesitate to open up an issue on github.

Special Thanks

SpaceToad - Created BuildCraft (inspiration for ImhotepMC)