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✨ Configurable whitelist for government emails stored in env variable #10738

Open gobyrne opened 1 month ago

gobyrne commented 1 month ago


To ensure people are using government of canada work emails, we need to have a whitelist for them.

In case we exclude some folks by mistake, we also want a way to update the whitelist without deploying.

Initially, our whitelist should include the following domains:

Proposed Implementation

Given that we want a whitelist which can be updated quickly without a full code deployment, our current system essentially limits us to using an env variable.

Therefor: define a new environment variable which stores a regex. Emails will be considered valid government emails IF and ONLY IF they match this regex.

As part of this ticket, ensure the env variable is available in frontend code as well, since in the future it will be used for both frontend and backend validation.

I recommend this regex for now: .+@(.+\.)?(canada|gc|elections)\.ca$

Acceptance criteria


Add env variable with initial regex value to IaC

mnigh commented 1 month ago

The guidance seems to be *.gc.ca and *.canada.ca based on: https://www.canada.ca/en/government/system/digital-government/policies-standards/enterprise-it-service-common-configurations/email.html#cha2:~:text=Security%20Categorization.-,2.%20Naming%20conventions%20for%20domains,An%20email%20address%20using%20the%20%40canada.ca%20domain%20(name%40canada.ca).,-2.2%20The%20email. I have not been able to find any specific examples of individual email addresses that don't meet those criteria.

The regex would need to include no subdomains and then any number of subdomains:

I have found consulates using domains that don't follow these patterns (ex. Embassy of Canada in Estonia), though the employees there would likely have international.gc.ca emails.

petertgiles commented 3 weeks ago

@gobyrne Matt has a suggestion here that you could consider. Beyond that, I'm not sure what else a dev could do. This may be a manager/policy question more than anything else.

brindasasi commented 2 weeks ago

@gobyrne will turn this spike into issue with usecases mentioned to it.

mnigh commented 2 days ago

Here is another domain that would include Government of Canada employees: *@elections.ca.

tristan-orourke commented 1 day ago

Translated our domains into Regex

Basic regex (every domain split by ORs): .+@canada\.ca|.+@.+\.canada\.ca|.+@gc\.ca|.+@.+\.gc\.ca|.+@elections\.ca|.+@.+\.elections\.ca

Condensed/simplified regex: .+@(.+\.)?(canada|gc|elections)\.ca$

Tested at https://regex101.com/