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gbfs-java-model (deprecated)


This package has been relocated to https://github.com/MobilityData/gbfs-json-schema/tree/master/models/java

In maven you will find the package under org.mobilitydata.gbfs-java-model from version 1.0.6.


Generates Java model from GBFS json schema using jsonschema2pojo with jackson2 annotations.

In order to avoid naming conflicts in generated classes, each feed gets its own package, and all classes are prefixed with "GBFS".

Packages include GBFS versions to accommodate for future releases which may include older versions, since some consumers may need to handle multiple non-compatible versions in the same application (i.e. you should be able to parse v2.1 feeds with the v2.2 package, but v3.0 package would not be able to parse v2.2 feeds).

Special cases: in v2.x

Note: This does not apply to v3.0


There is no support in jsonschema2pojo to handle "patternProperties" sanely, it will just result in a class without any properties. The gbfs.json feed uses "patternProperties" for the data property to define an object per language, where the language code is the name of the property.

The generated Gbfs class is therefore extended by src/main/org/entur/gbfs/v2_2/gbfs/GBFS.java to override the data property with a Map implementation. This extended class should be used when unmarshalling the gbfs.json feed.


In v2.x the properties vehicle_capacity and vehicle_type_capacity in station_information, are objects whose keys are vehicle type ids. The generated classes for these properties are GBFSVehicleCapacity and GBFSVehicleTypeCapacity respectively. To mapped key-value pairs can be accessed via the property additionalProperties of these generated classes.

Maven central

This project is available in the central maven repository. See https://search.maven.org/search?q=g:org.entur.gbfs