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Tianji: Insight into everything, Website Analytics + Uptime Monitor + Server Status. not only another GA alternatives
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All-in-One Insight Hub

Website analytics + Uptime Monitor + Server Status = Tianji

All in one project!


During our observations of the website. We often need to use multiple applications together. For example, we need analysis tools such as GA/umami to check pv/uv and the number of visits to each page, we need an uptime monitor to check the network quality and connectivity of the server, and we need to use prometheus to obtain the status reported by the server to check the quality of the server. In addition, if we develop an application that allows open source deployment, we often need a telemetry system to help us collect the simplest information about other people's deployment situations.

I think these tools should serve the same purpose, so is there an application that can integrate these common needs in a lightweight way? After all, most of the time we don't need very professional and in-depth functions. But in order to achieve comprehensive monitoring, I need to install so many services.

It's good to specialize in one thing, if we are experts in related abilities we need such specialized tools. But for most users who only have lightweight needs, an All-in-One application will be more convenient and easier to use.




Add a new translation

modify those file:

Then, run below code to auto generate

cd src/client
pnpm install
pnpm run translation:extract
pnpm run translation:translate # this will call chatgpt to run auto translation, so you need set env `OPENAPI_KEY` to make sure run correct

Then manual check translation file in src/client/public/locales

Improve translation

Direct update src/client/public/locales

Open Source

Tianji is open source with Apache 2.0 license.

And its inspired by umami license which under MIT and uptime-kuma which under MIT license too

One-Click Deployment

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