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FFmpeg with async and zero-copy Rockchip MPP & RGA support
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Open YCG1 opened 3 months ago

YCG1 commented 3 months ago


nyanmisaka commented 3 months ago


No ETA. It's on the Todo list. You can open a PR if you have the code right now.

thbl commented 1 month ago


famik commented 1 week ago

+1 刚需啊,USB摄像头1080P必须用MJPEG

YCG1 commented 1 week ago

我已经解决了该问题 可以在RK上硬解码USB摄像头打的MJPEG流 耗时很低 CPU基本不占用

maxscheel commented 2 days ago

@YCG1 Nice work! Would you mind sharing your branch or opening a PR?